2023 Olomouc winter school on AI and society

An intensive course with lectures on the history of AI, technology and society, science fiction and pop culture, current applications of AI, and practical exercises on making sense of the complex discourses on technology.

by Auli Viidalepp

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This website is part of HUGOD project and part of New Media and Technosemiotics modules at Palacký University Olomouc

Winter school Olomouc

These days, artificial intelligence is a buzzword we see everywhere. According to some, AI is poised to put humans out of their jobs, and ready to solve all major social problems. The concept of AI is used to designate so many different processes, systems, devices, and ideas that it almost loses any real meaning. What is behind this buzzword and the so- called intelligent technologies and their functions? How do our historical and cultural legacies affect our understanding, hopes, and projections for the future of AI? The four-day intensive course at Palacký University in Olomouc tackles these questions and many more, giving an interdisciplinary and diverse overview of the main theories, paradigms and discourses at the intersection of technology, society, and language.


… humanity’s Other, and defines the repositories of normativity
… the human mirror, as a metaphor for making sense of the world
… renegotiating values and rules in society
… the relationship between science and technology
… the role and agency of society and individuals in technological development


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